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Build Your Organization

Create Teams

Determine which groups have access to which part of your organisation. Create new teams and connect them to assets within your organisation simply by adding a new team node to the organisational flow

Add Custody Units

Add custody unities, be free to add in-house services and external custody providers side by side. Enjoy the full spectrum of the digital asset ecosystem without the limitation of one single provider. Deploy self-custody with the same ease as external custody in the same system

Add Trading Venues

Add trading venus such as BlockSize Capitals Trading Engine Core. Trade across several exchanges and benefit from the full riches of the digital asset ecosystem.

Add more Functions

Add more functions such as Liquidity Prover, Tax and Management Accounting services, Data Streams and Quant Trading Software, Defi applications and any future application in the space.

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Monitor in Real-
Time Assets

Monitor in real-time all assets (Crypto, Security Tokens etc) across all wallets: Internal, External, Liquidity Farming and other Defi applications in one interface. Guard your assets, react to changing risk landscape, and be alerted if the maximum value in one wallet is exceeded. Manage your risk intentionally and create systematic security by avoiding honey pots.

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Move assets between different wallets, exchanges and DeFi applications with ease and leave no space for human error. Have all your potential counterparties pre-installed and simply select and move assets via drag and drop. Have complete control over who in your organization can access and transfer assets. Utilize a hierarchical multi-sig solution and an intelligent permission system. Stay secure while also being flexible at any moment.

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Connect to Custody

GK8 is an Israel based tech provider that offers financial institutions an end-to-end platform for managing blockchain-based assets on their own, with no reliance on 3rd party custody providers.

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Fabriik is a USA based fully qualified custody services provider for digital assets. As such Fabriik is optimally positioned to service institutional US based clients and beyond

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Venly is a Belgium based crypto custody technology provider specialising in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) custody. Arkane is known to test its systems in the open via public hackathons.

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Tangany is a German provider of custody of digital assets and crypto. Tangany offers a reliable solution for crypto wallets and infrastructure to the most popular blockchains including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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