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Plug & Play Compliance for your Crypto Product

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Non Custodial Wallets

The DECUS Non-Custodial Wallets provide an easy and regulatory compliant way to build and deploy Crypto/Defi products. The wallets come in the form of a straightforward API. The underlying system of our wallets has been assessed by different law firms in Germany and beyond, making it the easiest way to set up an EU compliant wallet system. Soon we will add an integrated KYC process on top of these wallets, reducing the burden to build compliant products entirely.

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Connect to Assets

As one of the most prominent base layers and the biggest third-generation chain, we have integrated the Cardano base layer into the DECUS wallets. As such, the wallets can hold ADA and its native tokens too

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As a token on the Ethereum network, we specifically integrate USDT for a whole variety of applications. The DECUS Wallets can hold any other Ethereum based tokens too.

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As one of the most used base layers, Ethereum is integrated into our wallet to service the most common and upcoming Defi protocols.

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