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Decentralized Custody


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The Gap We Bridge

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The demand for Digital Assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is surging!


This new and immensely profitable market is full of thousands of services and providers; custodians, exchanges and blockchain protocols to choose and to engage.


DECUS Network provides a banking grade single entry point for financial institutions to engage this ever-changing market securely and flexible.


We are combining a simple SaaS digital asset management solution with a highly secure API to a network of custodians.

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Asset Terminal

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Digital Asset Managment 

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Connect to Custody

Connect to digital asset custody, where and when you need it. Utilize different technologies and global a network of Custodians and avoid vendor lock-in. Control your entire custody operations via the asset panel. 

Create a compliant environment for teams

Work in Teams


Link asset accounts to members of your team. Determine permissions to limit what a member can see and do. Export your workgroups into trading applications and manage your trading floor. 

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Split your Risk

Manage your vulnerability to cyber attacks. Use cold and hot storage approaches alongside each other. Utilize systems of different providers to reduce existential risk and optimize insurance cost.

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Access Markets


Access the secondary digital asset market. Trade across more than 30 Exchanges by using smart order routing. Access deep liquidity for institutional asset management. 

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Stay flexible entering the market with a secure long-term partner

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For Financial Institutions


Customize the custody infrastructure for each smart contract; seamlessly combine hot and cold wallets. 


Adjust to changing markets by swiftly adapting your infrastructure.


Provide your clients with immediate access to services while building in-house infrastructure. 

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